The Community Hall

The Community Hall, at the lower end of Church Street, was built in 1887 as the Liberal Club. Stones in the front wall are inscribed with the names of eminent men from the parish, including Lowe, Scholes, Staley, Clarke, Knowles and Gregory. Its ownership was later transferred to the Parish Council, as seen by the inscription "Parish Council Building" over the entrance. The Parish Council sub-let it in 1906 to the Tansley Institute as a Reading Room, to replace the one within The Church School (now Tansley Village Hall). The Institute also used it as a non-sectarian Adult Sunday School and for Technical Education. Later it was also used for general recreation such as snooker and billiards and a youth club.

Today, Brownies, Rainbows and Tansley Tots meet there. See Clubs and Organisations for information about their meetings.