Tansley Village

Snippets of Tansley news from old newspapers

Newspaper clippings concerning the Revd Brodie Mais who was Rector of Tansley Parish from 1890 to 1941. Brodie Mais was an interesting character. He came to Tansley from Knighton as a somewhat sickly young man but his health improved and he died in office after 51 years serving the parish. He is still remembered with affection and many stories are still told about him. He was obviously fond of shooting and of his Country.

24 May 1890


The living of Tansley is still sequestrated, and the sequestrator is Mr C C Radford J P of Tansley Wood. The gross annual value of the rectory is £200, with house. It is stated that Rev Brodie Mais has been on a visit to Tansley and may accept the appointment, but nothing definite is known.

28 June 1890

Notice of the induction of Rev. J Brodie Mais

Message from Brodie Mais “I was very glad to see so many at my institution when the Bishop spoke with so much sympathy of the sad and frequent changes at Tansley. I shall try to act virtute et probitate, with courage and devotion to duty, and endeavour to spread God’s kingdom and fellowship. The work of the Holy Trinity, to whom the Church is dedicated, will need mutual self-denial, discipline and effort.”

2 April 1904


There is dissension among the congregation at Tansley Parish Church in consequence of an innovation introduced by the Rector, the Rev J.Brodie Mais. A portion of the sum recently handed over as a result of the Ball at Tansley, so I am informed, has been utilised in the purchase of a brass cross and two brass vases, which have been placed on the communion table on a raised stand in front of the reredos. In order to show it up better, presumably, red cloth forms the background, and this covers part of the wording of the Lordıs Prayer, which, painted on the reredos, has always been in full view of the congregation.
Revd Brodie Mais
Revd Brodie Mais

19 July 1890


The rector of Tansley, the Rev J Brodie Mais arrived at the rectory on Monday, from Knighton. He will read himself in on Sunday. The Rev J Brodie Mais is a young clergyman, and is sure to be popular among his parishioners, who intend that he shall long minister among them, so far as they are concerned.

17th May 1902


In future, I read in the Parish Messenger (Church Magazine), issued by the Revd Brodie Mais, Rector of Tansley, funerals will not be allowed on Sundays unless a written order is produced from the doctor to say it is absolutely necessary to have it on that day.