Tansley Village

Lumsdale - a treasure of industrial archaeology and natural beauty

The road through Lumsdale in the 1800s

The road through Lumsdale in the 1800s.

The low building on the left was the Smithy which has been renovated by the Arkwright Society and can be seen in the picture below. The lower two stories of the mill which remain have been made safe and the windows filled in to prevent vandals entering. The building on the right was the weighbridge which no longer exists.

The view as it is today

The road as it is today.

Outside the smithy

Outside the smithy

Some old mill buildings.

The chimney

A flue entrance

The chimney is at the top of the hill and is connected to the upper and lower bleachworks in the valley by a long flue over 100 yards long running underground.
Periodically the flue had to be swept and this was done by boys who crawled into and through the flue.

The Lower Dam - Lumsdale

The Dam is stone lined which is unusual and can be drained by removing a 'plug' in the bottom

Pond cottages (rear view), lower dam - Lumsdale

Lower Dam wall

Pond Cottages (front view)

Stone tracks
Cloth was transported between the Upper and Lower Bleach Mills in tubs which ran on tracks made from hollowed out stone blocks, the remains of which are shown in the picture.

The track ran alongside a stone wall and under a small arch as shown in the picture.

Some historical bits
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