Tansley Village

Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers and Census returns

Before 1840 Tansley was part of the Parish of Crich and had no Anglican church of its own so baptisms, marriages and burials of people from Tansley usually took place at the Parish Church of St. Mary’s at Crich and occasionally at the Church of St John the Baptist at Dethick. Links to Alan Flint’s Crich site and to his Dethick, Lea and Holloway site will allow inspection of registers from those churches before 1840. Others may have used St Giles church in Matlock whose records are on John Palmer’s very extensive Wirksworth site.

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Baptism. marriage and burial registers at Holy Trinity Church, Tansley  [www.tansleychurch.org.uk]
Baptism, Marriage and Burial registers at St. Mary’s, Crich 1813 - 1825
Baptism, marriage and burial registers at Dethick 1774 - 1781 and 1813 - 1820
Baptism, marriage and burial records for St Giles church, Matlock  [www.wirksworth.org.uk]
1841 Census returns for Tansley  [www.wirksworth.org.uk]
1851 Census returns for Tansley  [www.wirksworth.org.uk]
1881 Census returns for Tansley  [www.wirksworth.org.uk]

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